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My secleded life

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It was day 3 of soccer try-outs and in-house for Peter, it was day 3 for me of being the wife of a coach and teacher. Since we are tv reception free, radio strong if you like Country Western or Spanish only speaking, and I've been in internet withdrawls since my only access to the computer is when Peter is sleeping. (Cross your fingers that the computer "expert" gets his classroom computers online soon...)

I have been waking up, doing a LOAD OF LAUNDRY -- No hauling up a flight of stairs and plunking 4 quarters to make it run. The drier still needs a propane converter, so IN MY PJ'S, I moosie down the rockery steps and hang my wash to dry. While I do this I look at the hawks, quail, or robins fluttering around. Then I water my petunias, begonias, lavender, aloe vera, and budding herb garden. Maybe a little weeding.

I come inside, yell at the kids for pouring cereal all over my freshly mopped floor. Load the glorious DISHWASHER, wipe down the beatiful blue on white painted tile counter. Feed the stray-cats-that-came-with-the-house, that I named Peaches 'n Cream and Sunflower Seed. Water my pansies that are growing next to the Miners Cabin, maybe empty the bee trap.

Make a loaf a bread or lemonade. Maybe unpack a box or go out and work on clearing brush from the meadow. At some point around 4, I start making dinner, and wonder if the mail came, and climb the 1/2 mile up the mountain to fetch a stray bill and a Highlights Magazine.

After dinner, we wait for the family of deer to come and graze in our yard. Until the older Doe decides that SHE wants the lavender next to the garage. Then I go inside and get a pot and a wooden spoon and chase her back by the barn. She can have the walnuts, persimmons, and crab apples. But leave my lavender ALONE!

I put the kids to bed, and wait for Peter to come home by taking a bath in the most wonderful bathtub in the world. Around 9:30, he stumbles in. Complains that I use too much onions and garlic, and goes to bed.

So here I am. It's 11:40pm.
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On August 19th, 2004 03:59 am (UTC), peep_by_sea commented:
*Sigh* Must to come and visit, sounds like heaven. Well, except the radio and tv thing. Perhaps XM Satellite Radio?
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On August 19th, 2004 08:38 am (UTC), i_am_angieface commented:
The way you just described your day - is how I would describe a fabulous day off in a secluded lil area. Wow. Im jealous!!!!! I wanna come live with YOU!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Sounds like things are good at the new place! Thats great!

And really, I wanna come live with you - it sounds like heaven!
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On August 19th, 2004 04:02 pm (UTC), hopeness commented:
I am sooo jealous of you yet so incredibly happy for you. You have what I want, seriously. I have to tell you, your flamingo pen is one of the most popular things I've ever had on my desk at work. We are having renovations and I'm bringing everything home except for the flamingo; I need him. As shitty as everything has been lately I look at it and think "a total stranger on the internet thinks I'm cool enough to receive this in the mail".
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