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It's · all · peeling · bark · around · here!

shhh, you'll wake up the deer

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Today is the last day in this little two bedroom apartment next to Little Chico Creek. And for years, or at least until Sharon's Cookhouse reopened a few years ago, it has been my personal joke to go and eat there on our last night. We literally live one block away, passing it every time we come and go...

Yesterday, I said to Peter "I'm going to the Cookhouse for dinner tomrrow" and he just looked at me and rolled his eyes. The funny thing is that I'm allergic to seafood and fish, so I'm not really sure what would be an option, but I have that manic energy that say's "YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!! BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO!"

By the way, we are broke

What do you think?
Poll #330783 Last Supper

Do I fulfill my dream?

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My Step dad is sick again. Since, before him and my mom were married he has had heart problems (heart attacks etc.). In the last 10 years he has undergone open heart surgery twice, not to mention defibrillator adjustments and other procedures that I don’t understand.

Now, my mom has used to word “transplant”. Of course, being the pessimist I am, I equal that with death. I need to state the obvious, if my step dad passes away; I think my mom will lose it for real. She told me tonight that she’s not worried, that everything will be fine. I don’t believe her. But, you have to be supportive, and say things like “things HAVE to be fine”. When the truth is that is just a matter of time. I just hope that it’s next year or better yet five years and not next week…

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Our new home! Photos taken by Lydia

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Thanks ygolonac for the great idea!

untitled renamed April

You don’t get a shopping high
You never did
Hair down to your ass
You twirl
It’s all about you
Or so it seems
Somewhere, between here and Salt Lake City
Cardboard boxes to newspaper wraps
North winds blast
To another suburb
Which might as well be in Connecticut
My zephyr
My oak trees
Gives you the finger
Now, that’s not polite
From the days of leaches and tadpoles
Spodi wet fingers
Drunk on the staircase
Sifting through blue Onesies
A missed placed letter
Or my children’s photo
Dropped behind your fridge
You lost the winning numbers
You always did
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I just reread my last entry and it's as tried as I feel. To give me a jump start here is a poll of my lovely friends.

Poll #316480 While I was on summer vacation.......

Did anything BIG happen to you while I was away?

If you are American, what will you or did you do, for the 4th?

If you are NOT American, what did you do on Sunday?

What was the last movie you saw?

Did laundry?

Have pizza?


Ask me ANY question you want (about my trip or not).

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What Throwing Muses song are you?
Favourite Color
You are Mania
This Quiz by another_butter - Taken 2 Times.
New! Get Free Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz
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Am I really going to take these 3 kids on a 2 week road trip, approximately 2,221 miles long --BY MYSELF?

Am I smoking crack?

If not crack then something similar
haha--No really, you'll be fine
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Inspired by christianneil in ambiguous_duo. Thank you!

Eat your chicken strips with your pinkie in the air
Show me the soap in the toilet and your Betty Blue poster
The Mormon missionaries bellowing “Holy Chowder!”
Like the ducks we imitated
Like the monkey haired coat
Eggs in salads
Stolen thrift store necklace
Or Belly on the radio 10 years later

Sit in your periwinkle living room with your pinkie in the air
Enjoy your Orange Spice tea and your Walker’s Biscuits
The friend still checking her empty mailbox
Like Mother used to make
Under the black lights
On New Years Eve
On Christmas Eve
Still tonight
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